Rabu, 08 September 2010

Kinul's bad day

Today is a day that has a good date, namely 080 910. But, despite having a good date, not that this day is also a good day.
Today wasn't a worst day for me, but today is a bad day for Kinul, my oldest cat.

What happened to him?

familiar with Alley Cat? I've been told in previous post.
He is the strongest cat in my complex.

then, what happened with Kinul and Alley Cat?
I really don't have the heart to tell it.

I know Kinul indeed spoiled cat that isn't good at fighting. But, if the circumstances are such that, Kinul will lose and easily defeated by the other cats.

And today, the incident took place.

Today Kinul defeated an all-out by the Alley Cat. Kinul fight in the gutter with Alley Cat until his body could not move.
My mother who saw the incident was immediately struck Alley Cat with a big umbrella that is placed on the porch of my house. 
But ...an umbrella that does not mean to safety Kinul.
Kinul it has been seriously injured due to Alley Cat scratches.

And a moment later, I rushed to write this post.

My hope :Ya Allah, kill that crazy cat as soon as possibleAmin.

sorry if my english isn't good :p

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