Senin, 25 Oktober 2010


It's time for me to tell you about my weakness.
So...what's that?
well my weakness is...


I hate that lesson for sure even my mom works as english teacher. I always get the bad score in english test on my school and I don't like it. But hey, who cares? -_-
well, I have some reasons why I don't like that lesson.

First, I'm an Indonesian, so it's not my obligation to learn about English lesson in this country, cause I'll not speak english everyday with my family and my friends.
Hm stupid reason by a stupid girl -_- h3h3

The second reason is : My favorite lesson isn't English Language.
I like some lesson like Math and Biology, BUT NOT ENGLISH, cause it's a very difficult lesson to learn, I think. But if japanese language was a subject in my school, I think I'll love it.

And the last reason is...
I only know the vocab without knowing the tenses T.T
I was very....confused with all of that things!!! Verb one, verb two, why all of them must be a contain of english lesson? Why english lesson is a difficult subject to learn???
I'm often throwing this question to my mom and she always replies my question with this answer "english isn't a difficult thing. You should have fun with it"
ah God what should I do?
My english score always make my parents sad, cause I always get the bad score.
This isn't a good thing, because english lesson is one of the subject in the National Test.

YaAllah, please, help me to get a better score and more knowledge about the english lesson. I always beg you :')

by the way maaf bgt kalo byk b.inggris yg untrue ehe amatir sih ._.v
keep reading & following! ♥☺

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